Audience profiling

Tags analyzes anonymously public content posted by your consumers on social networks.
The content posted with your brand’s hashtags is gathered and processed.
Tags analyzes this data and identifies the interests of your consumers.
Your campaigns’ targeting is set up using the interests identified through our analysis.
Tags uses Google Cloud APIs to process this data.

Contextual cookieless targeting

We have developed our own contextual cookieless targeting technology :
The Context Sensitive Engine.

First, we select the most popular keywords to find your brand on Google.
Then, we pool the most relevant URLs with articles containing these keywords (max. recency of 60 days).
We create a brand safe contextual framework in a perfect affinity with your interests (IAS or Digital Ad Trust sites only, cookieless).

Frequency optimization

The latest survey tool developed by Tags : Sondage.
Sondage. measures your advertising message efficiency. It determines the ideal frequency to reach the selected objective.
Measurable items : Awareness, Ad recall, Brand attribution, Favorability, Consideration and Purchase intent.

Methodology :
Step 1 : We identify 3 exposure groups
+ Users exposed once
+ Users exposed twice
+ Users exposed 3 or more times

Step 2 : We invite each group to complete a short survey.

Step 3 : We analyze the results of these 3 groups and identify the ideal frequency to reach the goal.